Client: SONOS
Agency: HoF
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Services Rendered: Moodboard // Pallet Creation, Interior Design, 3D Modeling, Bidding // Budget Tracking, Project Management, OnSite Installation Management

Sonos asked HOUSE of FALLS to convert their LA location off La Brea into a multipurpose space functioning both as a coworking office and event space.

The goal was to create a comfortable atmosphere with premium furnishings for employees and Sonos partnered artists.

House of Falls x Sonos Office La BreaHouse of Falls x Sonos Office La Brea
House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28
3-House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.21-89 copy3-House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.21-89 copy
House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.22House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.22
House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.22 Wide1House of Falls x Sonos - 11.28.22 Wide1

How do we transform this white box into a space meant for coworking and eventing? How do we design a piece where you can work on your laptop by day and spin on DJ decks at night?

The answer came to us through modular pieces, multipurpose surfaces, and most importantly, wheels.

We built innovative bar-height desks designed to accommodate CD-Js with an open back for shelves and cable management. The front of the desks were inspired by speaker grates. We chose perforated steel sheets that were powder coated white, all backlit with automated LED lights to bring it to life.

We created nesting kidney bean coffee tables for the workspace that could also be used as scene arrangement on the edge of an event.

House of Falls x Sonos - La Brea Nesting Tables
House of Falls x Sonos - Nesting Tables
House of Falls x Sonos - Nesting Table Legs

Our final custom furniture piece was a planter that acted as a threshold between two main seating areas. The planter followed our organic curve and lenticular pine motifs.

We chose 2 carpet selections from roughly 40 options. These were hand cut into a unique shape of our design and specialty bound.

During the shopping process, our team stumbled upon the perfect seating options in terms of feel but in the wrong palette. Similar to the carpeting, we shopped upholstery samples and landed on an orange mohair, ribbed burgundy velvet, and a black and white boucle.

Overall this job was incredibly well managed all thanks to our producer, Kelly Webb. Tasked with bringing original fabrication, scenic wall treatments, and custom upholstery together, Kelly truly shined ensuring all the puzzle pieces fit.

A high level of trust developed between House of Falls and Sonos during this experience. In addition to several referrals, the job sparked a relationship between Sonos North American Retail & Communications and HoF that led to us to becoming their creative lead for experiential design.

The space came together like a sunlit dream.

Lead Designer: Sallie Falls
Producer: Kelly Webb
Art Director // Lead Fabricator: Jonny Utah
Interior Decorator: Gina Canavan