HOUSE of FALLS is an LA-based design house and creative collective that delivers unforgettable experiences, premium bespoke products and unparalleled services. We specialize in bold, experiential installations that communicate curated storylines and exceed expectations.

Our house is built where design, ergonomics, technology and collaboration intersect – a place where dreams are actualized and memories are shaped.

Our roster of designers, artists, and producers are all renowned in their fields. Pulling from both in house and freelance artists, we have the stability of salaried employees with the edge of project based contractors.

While our team is consistent, we are always looking for new talent to join project to project to give us the X factor of a 3D artist visiting from Japan or Spacial decorator fresh off a feature film. Our eclectic community of experts makes us who we are. Daring us (and you) to be different.

At HoF, we conceptualize on a higher level to actualize dreams. By focusing on the ergonomics of the space we craft a natural current throughout the experience. The flow is curated to feel organic leaving the user to discover moments along the way. The path is in their hands and theirs to explore.